LED Pet Piezo Scaler

The Pet Piezo Scaler is a compact piezoelectric scaler with a detachable handpiece that can be autoclaved. It also features auto gain control, which stablizes and adjust the power settings to adapt to the demand for optimal performance. The Pet Piezo also has a large power dial display surrounded by brightly lit LED indicators making it easy to read and use. This unit perfect for any Veterinary practice and a must have as a back-up if you don't already have one. Forget about that old useless cavitron, the technology in the Pet Piezo scaler is 10x more powerful than Magnetostrictive units (cavitron style).


Inside the hand piece is the “transducer”. The transducer consists of ceramic disks stacked next to one another. These ceramic disks have high quartz content and when excited with electricity they compress and decompress causing a controlled vibration, the result is an ultrasonic vibration in a linear motion (forward and backward) on the same plane as the handpiece. There is very little to no heat generated in the handpiece requiring a minimal amount of water, which means better visibility for the practitioner and a dryer patient. The water from the tip flushes removed deposits and is required for “the cavitation effect” to de-bride bio-film. The linear tip motion is also more efficient and more comfortable. When the magnetostrictive tip vibrates, it bangs on the surface of the tooth to knock calculus off in chunks, where as a piezo tip vibrates linearly so the tip works along the tooth surface, shaving calculus off in sheets. The Pet Piezo scaler also leaves the tooth surface smoother than other ultrasonic scalers, sonic scaler, and hand instrumentation.

  • Includes 4 Klaw Tips
  • Tip Wrench
  • Water line with Male quick disconnect adaptor
  • Power Cord
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

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LED Pet Piezo Scaler

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